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           A little bit about Joseph J. Genarella (Jolly Joe)

             Joe is a second generation groomer, handler, and breeder of pure breed dogs.  His family has been professionally involved with animals since 1960, particularly with dogs. Joe's uncle had one of the largest kennels in Chicago at that time. Joe started in his uncle's kennels bathing dogs at the age of eight for $.25 per dog. Joe's experience grew as his mother bred toy poodles and birds, and his uncle was a professional all breed handler and  bred purebred dogs. Joe contined to learn more, until he was big enough to handle the clippers and scissors, thus his grooming experience began in 1966 at a professional level.

             Joe's skills and abilities as a groomer have advanced him to the highest level, SHOW MASTER GROOMER AND GROOMING INSTRUCTOR. In Joe's prime commercial grooming days, Joe was capable of grooming 35 haircuts a day. Not many groomers can say they could do this volume. Joe is also a professional handler of all breeds, including many  rare breeds not recognized by the American Kennel Club.

            Over the years, Joe has successfully bred, raised, shown, and finished the championships of many breeds. Joe's main love is the Standard Poodle. The standard Poodle is the most difficult to maintain in show quality condition. Joe's reputation for the "CORDED POODLE" Standard Poodle has made him well known among people in the dog world. In 1996, his white corded poodle "International and American CH. Jolettes Lexus Has Returned" call name "Lover Lex" was rated in the top 20 best Standard Poodles nationwide according to the AKC ranking. This was quite an accomplishment as Lexus was shown on a limited geographic basis and was not campaigned nationwide, as many show dogs are.

            In 1972, Joe moved to Florida, after his uncle sold the kennels in Chicago and retired to Florida. In 1980, Jolettes Pet Parlor was opened providing professional all breed grooming for both commercial and show grooming as well as boarding services. Also, Joe and Iam's Pet Food sponsored his own television program for ten years called "Professional Pet Care Show", which was a live television program answering questions about pet care. Guests from the pet care industry nationwide were invited on the show to answer live caller's questions. Since the opening of Jolettes, its clientele had increased to over 8,000 satisfied customers.

            Joe is presently active in professionally handling all breeds and formally showed two black female corded standard poodles. Joe showed these two standard poodles as the first ever corded standard poodle brace in the history of the Poodle known so far.

            Joe has been invited to judge various poodle sweepstakes. He has also judged SKC all breed shows and matches for all breeds. Of course, Joe has been teaching hundreds of students over the last 30 years the art of animal grooming and has seen students advance to the highest level of grooming.

            Joe has continued to share his years of knowledge, skill, and experience by teaching his art to others in a commercial environment, thereby, benefiting the commercial industry as well as himself in doing what he enjoys most.

            Being born into a family of groomers and handlers, he has had the privilege of learning from the very best in the field from the time he was a small boy.  His "groomer's eye" almost seemed to develop through osmosis. It became apparent when he began handling that he was given a gift for communicating this trade to others. As he trained his assistants to care for and groom the show dogs, and watched as they advanced and developed their own "eye," that he realized that this was the most rewarding and enjoyable aspect of his career, an aspect that he wanted to continue.

 Raised three (3) children as a single parent.
Owner/Operator, Jolettes Pet Parlor (the largest customer based grooming salon on the Gulf Coast until 2004)
Owner/Instructor, Jolettes Gulf Coast Grooming Academy
Owner/Operator, Jolly Joe's Sharpening Service
Opened/Owned/Operated and sold 4 Grooming Salons:
"Jolly Joe's All Breed Grooming"   -   "Warrington Groom Room"
"Milton Groom Room"
"Jolettes Pet Parlor"

Standard Poodle Breeder:
I have been breeding the Standard Poodle since 1980 and have sold my breeding all over the world. When I began, I purchased my foundation dogs and bitches from AKC Judges that had been breeding their line for over 25 years. My line is known for their confirmation, coat, intelligence, and temperament. I Championed hundreds of dogs in over 40 different breeds. I am currently showing my own breeding as well as Handling for clients. Certified more than 500 students most of which have gone on to open their own salons. I am currently testing for my AKC Judging license, Judged local, AKC (A & B sanctioned ) shows and Specialty Breed Shows, Given handling, obedience and confirmation classes. Former President and owner of the Orlando Kennel Club, Florida Kennel Club SKC (States Kennel Club) Rare Breed Kennel Club Former President/Owner of the Pensacola, Florida Kennel Club SKC Rare Breed Kennel Club. Speaker for AKC Judges required Continuing Education Courses.

Subject: Cording Standard Poodle

a) Judging Technique,

b) Bathing & Drying Technique,

c) How to Cord the Dog,

d) Correct Cord Size

e) General Maintenance Upkeep

Bred and showed Himalayan and Persian Cats

Bird Breeder/Broker in both hook bills and soft bills.

Produced and Hosted a live Pet talk Show for 15 years.

Produced, Directed and Hosted an infomercial which aired nationally for Oxyfresh.                      

Written articles for IAM's "Breeder Magazine"          

My dogs have been featured in a number of Poodle books, "Dog World Magazine", and "Gazette"

                                                              PAST AND PRESENT ASSOCIATIONS

Poodle Club of America and Poodle Club Of Alabama                                                           Chihuahua Club of Mississippi
Associate of the Greyhound Adoption Agency
Volunteer at local and government shelters
Mentor for local high school programs
Teach students involved in government rehabilitation programs
Member of local, national, and international dog and cat associations
Participate in "Career Day" in both Escambia and Santa Rosa County Schools
Participate in government Work Release programs


1999 to Present - Oxyfresh

Regional Distributor

1997 - 1999 - Milton Groom Room

Owner/Operator - Opened the Milton Groom Room in 1997 and sold the business in 1999 with a customer base of over 1,500

1985 - 1996 - 2000 - 2004 - BLAB TV

Hosted the third highest rated talk show entitled "The Professional Pet Care Show." The live show aired weekly and was sponsored by national companies such as, L. & M Seed  and IAMS Dog Food, doing over 400 live shows. At the same time, I also Co-hosted another live talk show which aired five (5) nights weekly from 10:00 pm until 12:00 midnight, The PaPa Don Show.

1980 - 1994 - JOLLY JOE"S ALL BREED Grooming SALON

Owner/Operator - I opened Jolly Joe's in 1980. It was here I began my grooming school which was called Jolly Joe's All Breed Grooming School. I sold the business in 1994 with a customer base of over 8,500. When I sold the business, I moved my school to Jolettes Pet Parlor and changed the name to Jolettes Gulf Coast Grooming Academy.

I purchased Sharpening equipment and began to sharpen the scissors and blades for myself and my groomers. Also I began repairing clippers and dryers. Eventually I began sharpening knives, lawn and garden tools, chain saws etc. for the public. The sharpening services turned into a business of its own. I had a vending booth at dog and horse shows sharpening equipment for the groomers and ferries. This business became known as Jolly Joe's Sharpening Service which it remains today.

Since 1984, I have literally taught hundreds of people this art. A large number have gone on to open their own grooming shops. Many of the students I taught have worked for me through the years.  I have also given seminars on Handling Show Dogs, Grooming Show Dogs, Health and Weight Management and Oral Hygiene for your pets.

1980 to 2004 - JOLETTE'S PET PARLOR
I opened Jolettes Pet Parlor with the intention of becoming the best and largest in the area. Five years later, it was the largest salon in the Pensacola area and when I sold it in 2004, it was the largest customer based grooming salon along the Gulf Coast with over 10,000 customers. My shop grossed over $300,000 in grooming alone annually.

2004 - Present - Author:  The only book for cording the poodle 2014 CORDING THE POODLE FOR THE SHOW RING - Professional Handling - Breeding Pure Breed Dogs - Giving Grooming Classes - Handling Classes, Judging - Breed By Classes & Groups, BEST IN SHOW